Monday 23 October 2017

feast of the harvest

Recently we celebrated the feast of the harvest.  Also known as Sukkot.  We were lucky enough to be invited to friends who create a "Sukkah" every year for this holiday.  A Sukkah is a temporary structure where the family eats for this week long holiday.  It is meant to be open to the outdoors, a 'wilderness shelter', and is usually well decorated with branches and other symbols of the outdoors and the harvest.

I thought that pomegranate shapes might work and chose various fabrics of red shades. Two fabrics were placed, wrong sides together, with a stiffening fabric between. I sewed a satin stitch along the perimeter but as I was sewing the satin stitch, I was also laying the cord between the pomegranates down the centre of the shape so that the cord could be one continuous piece. 

I also decided to string beads on the cord between the shapes.  This had to be done before the next shape could be added, so it was a process of machine sewing, hand beading, machine sewing, hand....well you get the idea.  The beads are hand made paper beads from Rwanda that I picked up when I was living there.

The family is very happy with their new addition to their sukkah and plan on hanging it every year.  They are considering placing it in a way that it could be used as a Christmas mistletoe encouraging Sukkot kissing!  I love the multi culture embrace!

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