Sunday, 19 March 2017

Nature inspires contemplation

Nature inspires Contemplation

This work was inspired by my cottage in the woods.  I am lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to spend lots of time in the summer up there, in the gorgeous Laurentian Mountains of Quebec.  Many loved ones have grown to love this special place as much as I do.  I began this piece with the drawing of the canoe, and then worked the composition around it.

The figure is taken from one of my photos, changed in Adobe and printed  on to water soluble paper.  I find this is a great way to add elements to work easily.  I add a layer of silk organza, and then I can stitch on top of that. Easy as pie!

The trees are created with a completely different technique.  Free motion stitchery, and then I used wax crayons for the reflection.    This work is inspired by my home away from home, and has elements of this place, but doesn't actually reflect the lake or the mountains.  I am not able to compete directly with mother nature.  You will need to come and see it for yourself!                                                                                                                                                        

Where are we going from here?

Where are We Going from Here?

 This is the finished work, (my previous post is this piece, in progress).  Thoughts the germinated while I was working on this were primarily about our political world.  How we seem to be so confused about priorities and threats. 
This is a shot on the angle.  I did free motion stitch inspirational thoughts into the lower half of the work.  One cannot necessarily read the sayings, unless truly motivated to get 'up and personal' , but then the words just 'read' as another design element (I hope).

detail of some of the figures.  As previously noted on some of my other work, these figures are inspired by photographs I have taken during my travels.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Work in progress

Lately I have been preoccupied with the developments in our world. In an effort to express this concern in a visual way, I have been working on this piece which has as a working title "where are we going?"
Stay tuned. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017


After painting, the fish are much more vibrant, but I wasn't satisfied with just creating a painted underwater scene, since, after all, my preference is inserting a sewed element!

I decided to add vertical wavy free motion lines in a light grey tone to suggest the movement of the water.  There is just a layer of felt behind the fish so this is technically, not a quilt.  shhh...don't tell the quilt police!
Normally I would create horizontal wavy lines but these fish are down deep....
To create the shadow effect, I used a watersoluble wax pastel crayon called "Neocolor II".  I love this crayon!

Not being able to leave the stitching to just the wavy water lines, I also accentuated the details of the water creatures with free motion stitching in variable coloured threads.
another detail shot, this fish is caught in a fisherman's net.

This is an over-all view of the whole piece.  It is quite long, but I have installed it on the wall in a wavy pattern, it undulates like waves on and off the wall.  There are pieces of fishing net and plastic overlayed as the message is our sea creatures are suffering due to too much human interference.  It is called S.ave O.ur S.eas


The initial images of S.ave O.ur S.eas

I created this image by making a drawing, scanning it onto the computer and then having it printed onto cotton through a digital printer. I was extremely disappointed with the colours that came out of the digital printer. 

Using photo images as references, I decided to paint over the digital print. 
Stay tuned for the result!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bright Girly baby quilt

Another beautiful baby born, another girly quilt called for!

I began by creating long strings of pinky pretty fabrics and then cutting them into strips. 

I also worked on blocks and placements that would create contrast to 'sing' but still work all together.
I found this challenging. 

So I auditioned lots of fabrics. 

While putting the blocks together, messes happen. 

Auditioning for the back

Making my decision and then creating the label. I used a sweet flannel that I had for the binding because she may be one of those babies that like to rub soft fabrics. You never know!
And I also decided that hand embroidery on the blocks was also called for, since I can never leave well enough alone. Hope she enjoys it in great health and happiness for years!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Baby boy quilt

Another beautiful baby boy. Another new baby quilt to honour his arrival.
This composition began with my scraps of hand dyed fabrics and my printed bits and pieces.  

I grew the elements as I went along trying to keep the colours and shapes balanced with an architecturally feel.

I inserted the little pops of hand dyed orange to give the essentially analogous colour scheme a bit of zinginess!

The idea of the triangles at the top was again to suggest roof tops as in 'home sweet home' and the roots at the bottom are created from my hand printing, hoping for good solid roots. 

After the whole quilt was put together, as per usual, I have a hard time leaving well enough alone, I added some embroidery elements to create another layer of interest.

He is a lovely baby, and I am so happy to know that he is enjoying his quilt.