Monday, 15 October 2012

 A Wedding gift
Detail of the bottom left corner;
this couple are older newlyweds, and both have converted to Judaism prior to their wedding.  Their gift givers wanted to honour their love of their new faith as well as celebrate their love of each other.
 Detail of central motif:

 Detail of top border;  the chai was hand embroidered with a stitch from the medieval times celebrated in the Bayeux tapestry.  Recently I visited a Canadian Oeuvre in Newfoundland, the "Conch Tapestry". The women of Conch who created this amazing work learnt the stitch of the Bayeux tapestry to use in theirs. Totally worth visiting this out of the way spot to view this remarkable work.
The details around the border were all embroidered by hand. All the fabrics are hand dyed except for a few in the braided border.
Some of you may remember that I was a bit disappointed with my dying results of the summer, finding the colours less vibrant than I would have liked.  How lucky for me that this bride's favorite colour is mauve so my dye work perfectly into her colour scheme.