Friday, 23 October 2015

San Antonio

This is a view into the fabulous studio we get to use when spending a week with Jane Dunnewold.  You can see her in the distance chatting with some of the students who are sharing this experience with me.  We are 10 students from all the corners of the U.S. ( including one who comes from Hawaii) and one who drives on her own from New Jersey.  We are a dedicated bunch!  There are two of us intrepid Canadians from either side of the continent, one from Victoria and me from Toronto.  (Ok ok I know I'm not on the edge of the continent but you get the picture.)

This is my space in the studio with a few samples on display trying the various surface design techniques that Jane teaches.  Here we were plastering on felt and working with transfer mediums. No masterpieces yet, but we will see.  Very interesting.  

This is Jane, our inspired teacher, waiting for us to gather on the porch. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity with Jane.  We just completed our fourth of five weeks, and I am already feeling a bit sad that this experience is nearing its end.  Our last session will be February.  Hopefully there will be a surface design mastery 2.0 program to follow!   

Thursday, 8 October 2015


The Balancing Act SAQA show is now on line

You may remember that a piece of mine was juried into this show.

For some reason, I am struggling to post the link directly to the show,
If you ask Mr. Google to find SAQA, you will see some very impressive fibre art, and then click onto the slide show of  "Balancing Act" .

This is the link to see all the amazing art that has been curated into the exhibit, just in case you cannot get to the show in person.  It is worth clicking into the slide show and then putting it to full screen.