Monday 25 September 2017

Admiring the Glory

Admiring the Glory

This work is 22" high and 31 inches long.  It has been created using a multitude of surface design techniques.  The water is a result of immersion dying using Procion dyes.  The figure and the rocks are elements of my photos that I have changed using an adobe program and then printed on a water soluble product that I stitch through.  Detail below.....

The adobe program helps me size the elements and change the coloration.  Stitching through these elements allow me to emphasize details that are important to the composition.  The canoe was created using a combination of fiber paints and stitching.  I was especially happy with the 'bleed' from the water.

The trees are free motion technique stitching and the shadow of the trees was created with water soluble crayons.

Finally some water detail was created with free motion quilting.

Serendipity is a marvelous thing!  Some time after my canoe was
completed, I was invited to contribute to an event called
"Project Canoe" 
The good people of Project Canoe invite children every summer
to experience camping and canoeing in the wonderful wilderness
of Ontario.  Children who might otherwise, never know anything but
the sprawling urban core.

Hopefully my canoe will land in a loving home and will be a vehicle
to help children 'admire the glory'.

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