Tuesday 29 August 2017

My latest wedding canopy

I haven't posted in a while but that is not for lack of working, in fact it is quite the opposite.  I was asked to create a wedding canopy for a young couple who met at summer camp, many years ago, and wanted to marry at the same summer camp.  Not the easiest to arrange for their parents but they wanted what they wanted and their loving parents agreed.

I was given very specific instructions: "We want the highlight to be the gorgeous setting of our camp, and we want nothing to interfere with the view".  Essentially, can you please make us a wedding canopy that is invisible!  I didn't take the request as an insult, more as a challenge.  How to make something that meets my aesthetic expectations, but also something that will blend with the environment in such a way as to enhance the view.
I decided to dye silk organza in shades of blues and greens and weave the two feet wide strips together  (as in the weaving of these two young lives together...)  I know a bit hokey.
The size that had been requested was eight feet square, the biggest I had ever made.

We arranged to have Lucite poles made, again with the notion of something that would seem light.

The family was very pleased with the result.  The canopy moved gently with the breeze throughout the ceremony and worked with the colours of the sky, lake and the trees that surrounded us.  The setting was truly magnificent, a gorgeous example of what Canada has to offer, and the day was picture perfect.  The bride and groom asked for something ethereal, and the feedback I received was that my mission was accomplished!


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    1. Thanks Cathy, they wanted something that would not interfere with the scenery, and I think this goal was met, but to call it ethereal suggests that it added to the surroundings which is high praise.