Sunday 5 November 2017

Perching Owl

My Perching Owl
Details:  I created the owl using some of my hand dyed fabrics in a layered applique technique.

The eyes were hand embroidered on a solid fabric.  I had received the news of a brand new baby girl, who's nursery was decorated in a forest theme and who loved the owl mobile over her crib.  My creative juices began to flow!

Some of the elements have extra layers of batting behind them to bring them forward, like the eyes.  I had to shape the batting to the size of the fabric and then hand sewed them to the layers, needle turning.  Then in the background, I decided to create a secondary pattern with free motion quilting using a variegated thread.

The owl is perched on a little branch that I created using multiple fabrics sewn together and then wrapped into a tube shape.  I added the branch last and her little feet wrap around the branch.

One wing is folded open, inviting us into her world.


Here's hoping that she will provide interest and conversation opportunities

the label on the back.

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