Wednesday 22 July 2015

Young men and their T's

How lucky can one girl get!?!  My son, Nicholas and his friend, John, took a road trip on their days off and came to visit me at our country house! While we did the obligatory lounging around, B.B.Q.'ing, canoeing, and reading, The boys also agreed to model some new t-shirt creations.  John even decided to take a try at designing his own. 

John decided he wanted his to be two tone, divided on the diagonal and the two colours needed to be purple and green. (A new colour combination for me)

We spent a long time deciding exactly where the 'be' print was going to 'be' and he was so pleased with the result.  

The boys had lots of fun playing at amateur models in action poses.  

I am not sure they are ready to sign up for any modelling agencies yet, but I love the way they make my T-shirt experiments look.  And John was thrilled with his custom design!

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