Friday, 17 July 2015

New t shirt experiments

My dear friend Ellen agreed to model my new creations.  Once again I am working with procion dyes to create interesting effects on cotton t shirts I have bought from Dharma trading.  The cotton is lovely and it "eats" the dye well. 
This hoodie began in a pale yellow dye bath, and then I over dyed part of it with a blue.  The hood has stayed yellow as have part of the arms which gives it an ombr√© effect.  Then I printed it with a thermofax print I created.  
Ellen is sporting a sleeveless tee that was only partially dyed and then printed with another thermofax design.  To be or not to be......
Michael is modelling a tee shirt that was dyed in two different dye baths over a couple of days, rinsed and washed in between.  I left white at the chest line, and the dye creeped up and joined in spots.  I feel like I'm narrating my own fashion show!
I'm having fun with this partial immersion idea and plan to continue.  Thoughts?


  1. I knew a man, Joe Tiger, in my youth, back in the early sixties. He worked for my father in Maracaibo Venezuela. He had a daughter named Daniela. What are the odds that it is just a coincidence? Even if it should be only that, I enjoy your art work. Best of luck to you.
    John De Ronde

  2. I'm Betty, Daniela's older half-sister (not wiser like yours). I didn't grow up with Joe and Dolly Tiger because I stayed with my father in Caracas. But I did go both to the oil camp in Roblecito and to Maracaibo to visit three times a year. And I remember your father as being a part of our "family" very well. I have passed this on to Dolly since she will remember him much better. Joe unfortunately passed away many years ago.