Tuesday 20 April 2021

weaving with fabric

Shades of Blue

93" x 75"

My third queen size covid bed quilt.  As you may have noticed I am always trying to come up with something new, as well as trying to challenge myself.  Not a pattern follower.  I was still working with scraps, and most of this fabric is from my hand dyed cottons.  Working with a very limited palette of hues, I was trying to create the illusion of depth shading from light to dark.  Since I wasn't willing to buy new fabric to get a more gradual shading affect, I am not sure this goal was met.  I also wanted it to look like the pieces had been woven like a warp and weft and too, not sure that worked out.

Nevertheless, because I have such an expert long arm quilter who has my back; (itchintostich Jeannie Jenkins) no matter what I put together she makes it work with her amazing quilting.
Many people don't care for a large rainbow of colours, and to that point, this quilt has already been claimed by someone like that who loves it.  
so.....the lesson is you just never know....and even if you think it wasn't all that successful in meeting your personal goals, it can still touch someone's heart.

This is the back of the quilt.  Really shows off Jeannie's stitching.


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