Sunday 28 February 2021

quilt for Newlyweds


Wonky Log Cabin

I created this muted quilt for a young couple, recently married.
92" x 99"

As one of my quilting consorts suggested, if they get bored while sleeping with it, they can try and figure out what the pattern is!  This young couple is part of the cohort that decorates with minimal hues, focusing on greys, whites, and texture.  In an effort to respect their style, while still working with my scraps, I kept my colour ways minimal.  This is the second completed of my 5 queen size quilts that I have created during the pandemic lock down.

In this close up, you can see the beautiful quilting done by Jeannie Jenkins on her long arm machine.  We chose a heart pattern.  Corny perhaps, but appropriate I thought.  Jeannie is also known as "itchin2stitch" and I think she is an expert and pays exceptional attention to detail.

I created a braid that I inserted on the back of the quilt, using all the same scraps as the top. I love using a braid for its symbolic value.  the intertwining of two into one.  Like the log cabin design that is representative of the hearth and home, the braid suggests the joining creating harmony.

There is also an extra large log cabin on the back, just for fun!

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, I was not able to attend this wedding.  so....I tried to convey how much I have been thinking of them, and sharing in their excitement, through this creation of love.  




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