Sunday 11 October 2020

Out for a Stroll

                                                           15.5" wide x 18" high . (framed)

This piece grew from a photograph I took of an elderly couple in my neighbourhood.  There seemed to be such a gentle warm companionship between them as they chatted together while making their way up the street, oblivious to their secret admirer.

I print the photo onto water soluble paper and then free motion stitch through silk organza.  The paper deteriorates with water and I find the semi deterioration of the paper speaks to the subject matter.

The figures were layered on top of a piece of cotton that I had hand dyed and then printed on top of with the red pattern. I left the edges of the cotton exposed (raw edge) but stitched along the periphery of the cotton.  I love fabric and the 'hand' of it and so wanted to make it clear that this work is of fabric by exposing the edge.  The work has been framed and is under non-reflective glass.



  1. Thanks so much Judy! much appreciated

  2. I real enjoy reading you content keep doing great waork Discover More Updates

  3. Thanks so much Dominic. I appreciate that you are reading my notes. In the beginning I didn't appreciate how important my notes are, but I am learning that many enjoy the stories behind the work.