Monday 21 September 2020

The Fallen


The Fallen

17" x 37"

Detail:  This work began on a hand dyed cotton cloth.  The only true colour is the first one.  I had thought to wait until I can get proper photographs taken by Sylvia Galbraith who always does such a wonderful job taking photos of my work.  However, due to COVID, I am not sure when I will be able to see her again so I thought I would post this now, to give you a sense of what I have been working on, with the hope of better photos to come.

Detail:  The shapes of the leaves were all inspired by actual leaves I picked up from my daily dog walking walk.  I traced them on to the cloth and then my fun began.  I love this detailed hand stitching work.  I feel like it is a bit like the work of Georges Seurat, the French post-impressionist painter.  He was well known for his style of pointillism.  Making little dots of paint colours with an incredible expertise in colour theory.  

Here is a detail from   Seurat's Parade de Cirque (1889) where you can see his images were created with tiny dots of colour.


Detail:  I do not suggest for a moment that I have a handle on colour the way Seurat did.  In fact, I believe that I am slightly colour blind and so am always struggling with colour choices.  Nevertheless I muddle on.

Detail:  Since these photos were off in colour I had fun playing with the adjustment options, intensity, sepia, etc. which is why these images are so different.  When creating this work, I took advantage of the quilting lines to try and create movement.  A suggestion of the swirling fallen leaves.

Detail:  leaves are overlapping.

Detail ( I saturated the tones here)


  1. The leaves are beyond gorgeous Daniela. The whole piece is so beautiful - makes me feel like I see the leaves falling. And Seurat is definitely in competition with you for the effect of pointillism - you have done it as well as he did. Love. Susy

  2. Thank you so much Susy, so appreciate your support!