Sunday 24 November 2019

Schweinfurth Art Center

On the Path II

An image of me with my work that had been juried into the prestigious Schweinfurth Art Center show in Auburn, New York this spring.  I certainly can tell how uncomfortable I am posing (and I am sure you can too) but apparently this is what is done since many artists around me at the opening were doing the same thing.  I have never been comfortable having my picture taken.  This evening was no exception.  
However there was great buzz in the gallery and it was a wonderful show.  An honour to be part of it.

This is a photo taken that evening that includes the entire piece.  If you recognize it as similar to my work that had been presented in Washington at the SAQA show, you would be correct.  I reworked the piece to include the suggestion of landscape and in so doing, I created a more solid shape. This is why I entitled it "On the Path II" .  I am not convinced that this was an improvement.  I think the floating figures without an obvious path left more to the imagination.  However, the first version was very complicated to photograph and to present.  In this version the exterior shape is very specific and so begs the viewer to understand why the shape is as it is.  
The bottom line for me is that it is all good learning, as I am on my path of learning and creating and learning and......

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