Monday 18 June 2018

Ceremonial Fabric Covering for Bread . AKA . Challah Cover

completed project

Challah Cover

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 I was asked to create a cloth cover for the ceremonial bread that typically graces the Friday night table in a Jewish home.
There were lots of details to the request.  The homeowners had just purchased a new home and were very excited about their new modern, sleek, aesthetic. 
We worked together to stylize the three Hebrew letters to make them look modern.  Creating letters in an alphabet that you don't know is always challenging because it is never clear how far the shapes can be "pushed".  The final shapes were determined to still be 'readable' but modern and quirky.
I was also given the paint chip samples used to create the design envelope of their new home.
My Kona cotton solid collection came in handy.

After creating the letter shapes, I made pattern pieces out of card stock.  My challenge to myself
 was that every piece of fabric was to be pieced.  No applique allowed.

to make it more interesting I decided that the piecing needed to be done in wonky angles.
  Of course this added to the challenge too.

After backing the design with silk, I sewed through the layers
with red thread in straight, angled lines.

details of the sewing.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to create something with new rules and parameters.  The challenge was fun!


  1. Amazing job! I love the modern look. As a Hebrew speaker, the font is very cool and readable. Nice!

  2. I very much appreciate your comment Rena since you are a Hebrew speaker, it is particularly meaningful