Tuesday 18 October 2016

Baby boy quilt

Another beautiful baby boy. Another new baby quilt to honour his arrival.
This composition began with my scraps of hand dyed fabrics and my printed bits and pieces.  

I grew the elements as I went along trying to keep the colours and shapes balanced with an architecturally feel.

I inserted the little pops of hand dyed orange to give the essentially analogous colour scheme a bit of zinginess!

The idea of the triangles at the top was again to suggest roof tops as in 'home sweet home' and the roots at the bottom are created from my hand printing, hoping for good solid roots. 

After the whole quilt was put together, as per usual, I have a hard time leaving well enough alone, I added some embroidery elements to create another layer of interest.

He is a lovely baby, and I am so happy to know that he is enjoying his quilt. 

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