Monday 8 August 2016

New baby girl quilt

I am lucky enough to be an aunt again.  My family has been blessed with another beautiful baby girl.

I have donated most of my stash to my quilting guild since I have moved into more surface design techniques and am now creating my own fabrics.  But I saved a few bright commercial pinks.....just in case.

This quilt is made of mostly commercial cottons. I designed the pattern to make it appear as if the fabrics are woven together. I think this effect may have been more evident if the quilt would have been larger. This quilt only measures 43" x 33" point to point. 

I wanted it to be bright and cheerful so decided to use white as a base colour.  All the strips were cut in various widths from 1 inch to 2 inches and then pieced together randomly, end to end.  Then I created blocks and trimmed the blocks with shades of purple.

I wanted it to be quilted quite densely and was doing it in free motion but just going up and down in a wavy pattern got boring so I decided to quilt in secret messages to the baby.  

If you look closely at this image, you can make out some of my messages;
'Just dance'
'A heart filled with love' 
'Sweet moments'

I like the idea that she may be able to make these discoveries over the years with her parents as they tuck her into bed at night. I also love the combination of all these pinks and orange. Not an obvious colour combination but I think it is fun for a baby. 

Of course I couldn't leave well enough or busy enough alone so I decided to add prairie points to the binding. I came across a tutorial on the trusty Mr. Google that suggested this method of adding the points and then attaching the binding on the backside. I don't love this effect but I didn't  not love it enough to un-do the whole thing and find another way to do it. I feel like these floppy triangles might be a good distraction for a fussy baby.

I still have pink strips left over,  just in case......


  1. That's a really great baby quilt, Daniela - it would also be a great wallhanging for someone of any age. I especially love the secret messages that they will find over time! And the pink-and-orange combo rocks!

  2. I too love the secret messages. The bright quilt will be a treasure for your niece for her whole life. Txs for sharing.