Wednesday 8 June 2016

Scrap basket

I decided to try and make use of the drawers full of fabric scraps that I have accumulated over the years.  If your situation bears any resemblance to mine, I could swear that mummy and daddy scraps mate over night and multiply while I am busy creating masterpieces elsewhere. 
These photos are of my scrappy bowl upside down being "shaped" by a combination of a huge plastic salad bowl, cardboard bent into the shape of the edge of my salad bowl to extend the sides since I had made such a HUGE bowl and the whole thing turned upside down over a bar stool. 
The scraps were different lengths, all about 1-2 inches wide, twisted together, two at a time and then knotted together end to end. 
I hand sewed the braid together.  At first it was laying quite flat, and I thought it would make a cute little rug, but then it started lay less flat and I decided it was going to be a lovely vessel.  I love vessels!  Very womanly!
After it was all sewn together and it was stretched over the bar stool, I used two whole bottles of spray starch to try to give the shape some integrity. As you can see, this was only somewhat successful. 
But again, as all womenly vessels go, it is taking on a shape of its own, over which I have only limited control, and I am ok with that. 
I am not sure what I will use it for. I am open to suggestions. 

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  1. You could lacquer it with epoxy resin maybe? Give it a permanent shape?