Wednesday 22 June 2016

How to push a rope

Some time ago an artist created a site specific installation that we tried to move into our backyard without success. This installation of rope and metal languished in our yard, sad and broken and defeated for quite some time.  It became heavy with dirt and rain and the sadness of the fallen dreams. 
Determined to up cycle the rope to glory I enlisted the help of a great metal smith artist and she agreed to help me with the new rope installation. 

Clare created a beautiful metal structure for the rope and we installed it inside the curve of the staircase at my husbands office. (Clare also designed, created and installed the beautiful handrail of the staircase). 

From above the rope looks like a bird's nest that you can see as you are walking down the stairs. It's just waiting for the golden egg. 
I love the way the rope has developed different tones of colour and how well it blends with the staircase wood. 
It stands about eight and a half feet tall. A great representation of the nature of my husband's work, the teamwork required to join forces to get the projects done. He is very happy with his Father's Day present. 

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  1. Get that golden egg - it will look even more outstanding!