Thursday 11 February 2016

Galapagos turtles

   I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Galápagos Islands many years ago. As you might imagine, I took hundreds of pictures. 

The wild inhabitants of the islands truly overwhelm the visitor. The gentleness and harmonious living takes your breathe away. This work began with one of my photos. 
The phrase that is machine embroidered onto the collaged fabric is; 
"let them always remind us that the fate of all living things on earth is in human hands". 
The fabric behind the photographic image has been dyed and distressed, suggesting that time waits for none, and we have an obligation to repair our world for the sake of our children.  

I had this idea that I wanted to back light this piece. It was a bit dark when completed and I wanted to experiment with LED lighting.  There is a string of LEDs behind the piece that are attached to a battery. It is these lights that are creating the bright spots.  I have never tried this before but quite like the effect. What do you think?   Do you think they add or detract from the composition?  The work has a frame across the top and down both side slightly in from the raw edge so it hangs slightly off the wall.  

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