Friday, 19 February 2016

Fredericksburg; continued

This work is called "Waiting". The figures began with photos I took when travelling in Africa.  We had come to a road that had been flooded and all the vehicles were stuck on on side of the rushing water. I was struck with how patient and calm the passengers were.  Everyone had unloaded from their various forms of transportation but no one seemed particularly worried or upset.  The tree form is inspired by the beautiful Acacia that are abundant in that part of the world.  

"Lost in the Urban Jungle" is hanging above "Pensive" in Jane's studio. Just waiting for the show to begin.  

I am hoping she won't be tracking our visitors too closely and making them feel anxious!

This little piece also began with a sketch but then got wildly out of control.  I worked with a process that removed the dye that had previously been applied, and then just enjoyed the hand embroidery process. It's just some gap- toothed fun.  

One of a pair of works entitled "Be...the Best You Can Be".  Multiple layers of fibre with printing and painting as well as some hand stitching.  

With their permission, I will post some of the works of my colleagues with whom I have had the privilege of sharing this experience.  The opening is tomorrow!


  1. Daniela - so proud and excited for you. What lovely images and thoughtful sensitive art. Have a blast tomorrow and continue being the best ever.

  2. Your work looks great Daniela.

  3. Daniela as always your work is thought provoking and beautiful. We are seeing the finished pieces but what we don't see the tremendous work that goes into the process from your imagination to the material you treat and work with. Congratulations for this glorious work. Love, Betty