Sunday 23 August 2015

My "faces of Jerusalem" home at last

This work that I created in 2012 was accepted for a juried show in Jerusalem entitled "Many Faces of Jerusalem".  I was honoured to be the only non-Israeli in the exhibit.  My piece is called "?Like Day and Night?".   I am asking us all to reconsider whether we are all really that different despite our presentation of our outer selves.  


Since the exhibit in Jerusalem the group was invited to tour in the United States. One of the many exhibition venues was the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art in Tulsa Oklahoma. My piece was chosen as the cover for the exhibit catalogue in Tulsa!  
Most recently the exhibit was in the Houston International Quilt Show. 

Second detail. 

My quilt has been travelling a lot with her Israeli girlfriends and I haven't seen her in over two years.  I'm so happy that so many enjoyed meeting her, but I am also glad to have her home again!

Third detail. 

 Our Humanity Binds Us.  (An Umbutu Saying).  


  1. Fantastic.....can't wait to see it hanging in your kitchen.

  2. That's a wonderful piece, Danielle. I'm glad so many people got to see it!