Sunday 1 February 2015

taj pillow

Kate's Birthday Present

This began with a favorite photograph, sized to fit on a sheet of Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly.  This is a product that is a hybrid of paper and fabric and can run through an ordinary printer.  I used the image as one layer, then overlayed with sheer silk organza  with Angelina Fibres  (well I like to call them Angelina Jolie fibres because they make everything more Jolie).  Any other reference would be purely coincidental.
The rest of the fabrics are dupioni silk.
I backed the whole package with another layer of cotton before doing the free motion quilting.
 This beautiful young lady, my son's girlfriend, inspired me to make this work into a pillow.  This was her favorite photo from her travels to India and she loves pillows.
Once I layered up the top, I used sparkly threads to free motion
stitch over the significant features of the architecture so the
building pops.  I used darker thread to sew over the shadow.

When the top was done, I created 2 rectangles out of my hand dyed stash that are each more than half of the whole so they overlap in the middle creating a pocket for the pillow form.

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