Sunday 8 February 2015

met once again, for the very first time!

Wedding Canopy 


In 2007, a couple decided to wed.  Having lots of friends, and wanting their friends to be involved in the ceremonial aspects of this event; they asked their friends to create something special on a square piece of white cloth.

Many of their friends created wonderful, original thoughts and designs.  I was asked to create something on behalf of some friends who felt daunted by the task.  I was told that this couple enjoyed biking together on a tandem bike and so I created this square of the bride and groom on a tandem bike.
Other than hearing that the bride and groom loved my contribution and gave it great real estate in the center of the patchwork, that was the last I ever heard of the creation.  (The wedding was in 2007)

 So, Imagine my delight when I met the bride and groom today, and they invited me to see the completed project that hangs in a place of honour in their lovely home.
I raced home, not wanting to waste a moment, grabbed my camera and made my way to their home.  How lucky for me to discover that they are practically neighbours!  It was a rare treat to see my work embedded in the creative and loving spirit of so many others'.  Having now finally met the bride and groom I can see why so many were inspired to create such interesting work.  I am so pleased to know that my work shared with others, hangs in such a warm, spiritual, loving home!

Here's a close up of the square as it was in 2007, before it was given to assembler
to join in with the others.  It may have been in more pristine condition then, but,
I love how it has come to be at one with the others through the years of loving attention.

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