Thursday 11 December 2014

The celebration of lights

You may remember that in the summer I created a bird feeder out of this beautiful stone
 that was being pulled out of my friends basement.
 Their entire cottage is built on this sparkly rock.
In honour of the season, I created a menorah for them.

A menorah is traditionally used for the holiday of Chanukah in the Jewish tradition.  It honours the eight days of light that was created with a tiny bit of oil that should have only lasted a few hours.  A candle is added and lit every day for the  eight days of the holiday.
 And so, as we approach the festive season,  whether we are either lighting our menorah candles or our lights on our Christmas trees, or being led by the light of Rudolph's nose, or the lights of other traditions...may we all have the light of kindness and wisdom for now and for the future.  May we connect with each others traditions with this shared light, and find a way to illuminate our common ground.


  1. Beautiful sentiment and beautiful menorah Daniela. Have a Haapy Chsnukah and a healthy and creative New Year