Saturday 22 November 2014

mixed media mini gift cards

Recently I have participated in a conversation with other creative souls
 and it led to an exploration of 'stuckness'.
Fortunately or unfortunately, I have, to date, never had this issue.
Mine is the opposite:

I have so many ideas floating in and out of my head,
 especially when I am supposed to be sleeping peacefully!
 I lay, awake, thinking ....but what if I did this??? or tried that????

Recently, my solution to this A.D.D.'ish challenge was
 to create a series of mini gift cards to try and exhaust my 'what if's'.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, ideas and explorations
 beget more ideas and explorations...
 I made over 100 cards!

I included this picture since in it you can see my beloved Bernina! 

Luckily, my guild recently had a show,
 and so I had the cards for sale in the gift shop.

If the idea of exploring mixed media techniques intrigues you,
 I would encourage you to check out your local stationary store.
Often they have overstock of plain cards and envelopes that they sell off very cheaply.
 Good paper stock is essential.


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