Sunday 21 April 2024

Another Blessing; Hello Beautiful Baby

I created this work to honour a first grandchild. 

This photo was the inspiration for my work.  
In the photo, the young expectant couple proudly pose in front of their 
newly acquired elegant old stone farm house.  

Detail:  Their beloved dog stands guard.  Stitchery is free motion and the green silk organza is hand dyed.  The white leaf motif is my drawing, I created a screen and printed it on the organza. 

Detail:  The grasses are free motion with varigated heavy thread.  The stone of the house is commercial fabric embellished with fabric paint.  Windows are raw edge applique. The sun has extra batting and is a combination of hand dyed and commercial fabric with free motion and embroidery stitchery.

Detail:  The animals visiting their farm house were inspired by a story I had heard; that three deer had come to their property shortly after they moved in.  Also, that they are now a family of three!

Detail:  I included trees in the composition as, for me, they symbolically represent rootedness, new roots, that life will continue long after us, and once again, another trio.  The bark was created with commercial fabric overlayed with free motion stitchery with varigated thread.  Grasses and little yellow flowers connect the colour yellow with the sun.  Yellow is the mom's favourite colour, and she has a lovely, sunny disposition.  Their dog is keeping an eye on the comings and goings on the property.

Detail:  The leaves of the trees are dyed, layered, and stitched silk organza.  The sky was painted with thinned dye.  I chose to frame this work as some of the elements had more layers than others, and this was a way to give presence to the composition as well as stabilize all the elements.

Installation:  Brightening up the nursery, overseeing their beautiful baby girl!
May she enjoy a lifetime of happiness.


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