Wednesday 30 March 2022

cherished babies, and their quilts

Baby Girl Quilt

We were finally able to travel again! Yay!  and I was able to give these new babies their quilts.  Although they are no longer 'new born', they seemed very happy to discover the details of their quilts.
As their parents have wisely asked that their faces not be published, you will have to believe me when I am pleased tell you that these are gorgeous, happy, healthy babies!!

Keeping with my goal of working with my scraps, I used stash of hand dyed as well as commercial fabrics to create the wonky stars.

and then of course what cannot be improved with a few flying geese?

This is the top of another one that I created for another baby boy born to the same family.  3 babies, born within 6 months of each other, all will be cousins, born to siblings who are very close with each other.  How lucky they are! 

And here is a sweet photo of one of the baby boys with his new quilt. I quilted all of them in free motion, with hearts and swirls, quite intensely, so the quilts will be strong enough to withstand many washes and baby play.

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