Monday 18 January 2021

second set of covid posies

24" wide by 41.5" high

Covid Posies

Detail:  the first composition of these hand embroidered medallions was a horizontal one, and in my 'what if' musings: I wondered how this would work in a vertical composition.  I do find that it is helpful to go at an idea in more than one way sometimes.  In the end I think it is probably personal preference in terms of which you prefer, I don't think one way is considerably more successful than the other, but I am certainly interested in your feedback.  The previous version was posted in November.

Detail:  this detail demonstrates how the centre pops out from the background.  Every centre was hand embroidered, but in this work I did more embellishment with the machine in free motion when attaching it to the background.  The more sewing, the more it pops out.

Detail:  All the machine stitching on the background as well as on the medallion is with free motion, the stitching on the petals became more wild as I carried on and my ideas got looser.

detail:  The background fabrics, both the green and the grey, are from my hand dyed collection. The green piece had quite a few different layers with different techniques of dying and printing.


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