Sunday 7 July 2019

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

14" x 15"
This work began with a photograph I took of siblings who were part of a blacksmith family of the Datoga tribe in Tanzania. We had a fascinatingly wonderful visit with this warm and welcoming family.  The patriarch had 3 wives; one had just given birth, and another was pregnant during our visit.  He was a very jolly man, laughing and joking with all his children while he worked over the fire, bending found metal into little arrows for the local bushmen, and bracelets for visitors.  He held the metal pieces with both his toes and his fingers with equal skill.   He supervised his son whom I had asked to create a bracelet for me, and I wear it still.

a detail of the portraits

background detail which began with multiple surface dying techniques. 
The tree was an embellishment with free motion stitchery.

another detail highlighting colour and free motion stitches.

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