Saturday 25 March 2017


Here is a simple project that is a good one when you don't feel you have the time to launch into a full blown quilt. A great keepsake for a new (or not so new) babe. 
I cut out the letters and satin stitch them to the background fabric. This can be done before it's layered up or after, to have the letters puff up a bit. 

If you attach a sleeve to the back the child can hang it over a bed or on a door. 
I did some hand embellishments with embroidery thread because I am doing lots of hand stitching these days.  Like the comfort and the "slowness " of it, but anything goes, beads or appliqué....


  1. That is such a fun project! I made one for my son, many years ago, from pieces cut out of blue jeans. Fortunately, he has a very short name (Eli). Great baby gift!

    1. Certainly, the more letters in a name, the more you need to think about whether it will work as a name plate...or maybe a flag! 😀