Thursday 16 April 2015

details of my autobiography

An Autobiography

These are detail shots of my SAQA submission for the Balancing Act show.
The background fabrics are a combination of my hand dyes and commercial fabrics that I curved pieced together.
The balls are Kona Cottons, that I free motion stitched and then appliqued them on to the the background with extra batting behind them so that they could 'pop' forward a bit.  They were applied with a hand sewn blanket stitch.
The figure began with three photos taken of me pretending to balance balls in the air.  I transfered the photos on to the fabric, and then
hand embroidered the                                                                                                                               figure using a chain stitch                                                                                                                    using 3 ply of embroidery thread.The piece was then layered up and then free motion quilted with a red variegated thread in a way to suggest the movement of the balls in the air.

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  1. I love the piece. The figure is especially compelling.