Sunday 27 July 2014

a new twist on 'for the birds'

Creating a bird feeder from found objects

For documentation purposes, the bird feeder is hanging off my back porch for these photos but it 's ultimate destination is the north country of beautiful Muskoka.

Recently we were invited to a very beautiful cottage of friends and they described the fact that they are digging out the basement to create more living space but it has been tough, slow work because the ground is rock.  Of course I had to check this out and found that it is not just plain rock but beautiful quartz looking granite.  Or, it might be granite looking quartz.  Either way I just had to find a way to help them see how beautiful their stone is.
I decided to create a bird feeder and enjoyed learning how to drill through the stone with a diamond bit, on the angle  (to create the neck of the bird), as well as to  create the teepee under which the bird feed will be placed-hopefully.

here's a close up of the area for the feed.  The brass rod is left over from another project.  The  angle of the rod against the weight of the stone is enough to keep the stone up.  Physics-who knew?  But I nailed down the pieces of wood around the perimeter so that the seeds don't fall off the platform.  I am proud to say the entire project is made of found objects.  Nothing was bought except the diamond drill bit !  (and that i will definitely use that again, because I have a few more pieces of this stone and a few more ideas I would like to try.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me in on them.  I have a drill and now know how to use it!

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