Tuesday 3 September 2013

Fibonacci Curve

 Fibonacci Curve

I created this piece inspired by the discovery that Fibonacci made; that most creations of nature have this curve intrinsic to their construction.  The multiples are created by adding the length of the last 2 dimensions together for the next.  An obvious reference is a spiral of a sea shell, but if you look closely, you can find evidence of this design very frequently in the natural world. 

Once I created the blocks the notion of a bird on top of a head came to me  (the mind is a wondrous thing!) and thus "BirdBrain" was birthed.  This quilt is 39" wide by 24 " tall.
Detail of the hand which was sketched with free motion stitchery from one piece of cloth.  The illusion of depth in the palm was created with ink.

detail of face created with hand embroidery as well as free motion stitchery. the face  (as well as the entire curve is embellished with beads.

detail of the brain created with hand embroidery and embellished with sparkly beads, because; despite feeling like a bird brain most of the time,  my brain is always firing with new ideas!

detail of the bird's feathers created with hand embroidery. 

This quilt was shown in The Festival of Quilts 2013 in Birmingham, England.  

The Judges comments were:

"Lovely use of beads and the decorative stitching adds interest and dimension.  Well constructed-well done!"


"Beautiful embroidery skillfully worked, and a fun and thought provoking theme."


  1. Daniela, that is enthralling and beautiful! Congrats to you for making such a meaningful and lovely piece of art!

  2. This is a lovely and interesting piece, Daniela. The hand embroidery adds so much! Congratulations on having it accepted at The Festival of Quilts.