Wednesday 17 July 2013

circle vests redux

Over dyed circle vest:  PFD jersey cotton dyed repeatedly with Procion MX.

You may remember I created these vests out of cotton jersey.  They are a full circle with two oval cut outs, slightly off centre so there is a short side and a longer side.  I began by using a batik method of resist.  Then I dyed them all with Procion MX dyes.  Unfortunately I was disappointed with the results.  They felt too "hippie" for me.  So I have over dyed them and these are the results.  I am much happier with the toned down more uniform look.  You can still see the hand dyed work, but it is more subtle.

One size fits all!

Wearing the same vest but upside down, it becomes shorter with a wide collar.

the wide collar then can become a hoodie.

As you may be able to tell from the pictures I am now at my home in the woods.  Luckily I have a screened in porch where I can play with  my dyes to my heart's content.  I would like to thank my friend Sandra who was here visiting from Edmonton and my sister Vicky who helped me out with modelling the vests in their reincarnation.