Wednesday 15 August 2012

most recent dying results

 My latest Dying results
This was a shibori experiment.  I folded the cotton and wrapped it tightly with elastic bands and then dripped dye over it in different colours and left it in a container of colour.

These two pieces are again, using the print paste, attempting to create a 'whole cloth' scene.  Since I was at the cottage I was inspired to create a red canoe.  I think, with a lot of thread embellishment, the top one has promise.  These were both dryed flat, and I will wash them in the synthrapol and see what happens.
These two pieces were the result of trying to 'paint' with the dye.  I added print paste to the dye colours and used a brush to apply the colours.  These are 'vessels'.  For the most part I was successful at controlling the flow of the dye which I was happy with.  However, when the 2nd one was hung to dry, even after serious rinsing, the dye continued to bleed which is disappointing.  Another lesson learnt, dry flat! 

This is the latest painting I did, and was quite happy with my control over the dyes.  I was careful to dye it flat.  I was very happy with the brilliant colours that you can see here (when it was still wet).  It is now dry and the colours have really faded.  I would love to know why and how to prevent this from happening.  Your thoughts are welcome.   This piece is another reoccuring theme for me,  'we are all connected'.

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