Thursday 19 April 2012

final photos

I created the structure from a sheet of grid steel, copper coated.  It was a process of cutting away the holes to create the frames for the figures.  Then I bent the strips of metal into semi-circular shapes.  The idea was to suggest our inter-connectedness.  I am suggesting that, although we are all unique, we are all dependent on each other to carry on;  "our humanity binds us".  This is the Ubuntu notion of community which I find quite compelling.


  1. Daniela,
    The way you displayed your 100 fiber dolls is so creative and truly portrays the connectedness you were striving for. Congratulations and well done!

  2. thanks so much Kathy, I do so much appreciate your feedback. I wanted them free, but not on top of each other, because it would have sent the wrong message. I did struggle with how best to display them, and that ended up to be quite a challenge as I had never worked with the material before. However, when a little breeze hits them, and they twirl, I really do like the effect.