Friday 2 March 2012

Miguel and Dana's Chuppa

This is another wedding canopy that I made a few years ago for a young couple who now live in the lovely town of Zichron Yaacov, Israel.  They had wanted the seven fruits represented and I chose to design a pattern that was circular so that there would be no top or bottom to the design.  Here they are showing it to you from their beautiful backyard canopy handcrafted by the groom.
Some detail shots.
This is the back of the chuppa as the gorgeous Israeli sun is reflected through the backyard canopy.  There are already two amazing children as a result of the union under this canopy.


  1. Another beautiful chuppah. Have you made any others. I am making one for my son's marriage in June. Making is actually the wrong word, because it is only in my head!

  2. Thanks so much Cheryl. My best advice to you would be to try and break up the plan in maneagable pieces. After speaking to the couple about their interests, and colour preferences work with componant parts because thinking 6 feet squared may feel overwhelming. In the Ohm piece I made the Ohm 2 feet squared and then worked my way out from the center. With the fruits I appliqued them on top of the whole ground and it was much more difficult.