Wednesday 15 February 2012

class critique continued

I am forever impressed by the diversity and creativity amongst the students! Below is my project for this assignment.
This piece hung like a roman shade on the wall going from very light to very dark with a red thread running through the darkest element and pooling on the floor.  I am exploring the nature of honour cross culturally. The word is sliced and burned as it is repeated to the ground. In the western world it is difficult to connect the word 'honour' with killing and yet we have seen that is easily done in other cultures. Examining the definition of honour cross culturally it is fascinating to see that despite the extremely violent behavior, the understanding of honour is similar.  Honour is connected to values of integrity and family.  How is it that it looks so dramatically different?  I feel that unless we can try to understand 'the other' we will never be able to co exist.

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